Innovative thinking: practical action

REBus will be delivering a series of practical and interactive events which will showcase lessons learnt and case studies from REBus pilot projects.

The events will also draw from REBMs activity beyond REBus, to share the wealth of experience that is emerging from across Europe.


The events are designed to inspire business professionals, related industry networks and procurers to embrace REBMs as part of their ‘business as usual’ operations.

By learning from the experience of REBus pilot projects and the wider REBMs market, you will have a better understanding of how to develop and roll-out your own REBMs projects.


REBus celebration of resource efficient business models
21 November, 1VS in London – event is now full

Thank you for watching our #thinkDIF webinar sessions or joining us at the event in London.

If you missed the sessions then you are welcome to watch the recordings online.

You can also catch up on all the discussions on twitter by searching using the hashtag #SystemReset.

Our experts have been working with industry to develop, pilot and champion resource efficient business models which embrace the opportunities presented by the circular economy.

Part of the #ThinkDif series of events and hosted by KTN.

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REBus webinars offering practical guidance for implementing REBMs

Part of the #thinkDif series of webinars and hosted by KTN.

Resource efficient business models: Getting started
10 November 2016, 14:00-14:45 GMT, webinar

Thank you for watching our #thinkDIF webinar.

If you missed the session, you can watch it online now.

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Learn how to convert your circular ideas into action.

  • Hear insights from the REBus project to help you:
  • learn more about different types of business models;
  • understand how you can take that first step to developing your ideas;
  • how to minimise any perceived risks; and
  • how to measure progress – plus much more.

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The new business as usual: Embedding innovative models
16 November 2016 14:00-14:45 GMT, webinar

Thank you for watching our #thinkDIF webinar.

If you missed the session, you can watch it online now.

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Watch the webinar recording to understand the bigger picture and how your business can contribute to the collective action that will make circular economy a reality.

REBus experts will share insights to help you:

  • understand how to make the transition to resource efficient business models (REBMs) without disrupting your business;
  • learn from businesses who have already started this transition process; and
  • explore the barriers, enablers and critical success factors to successfully implementing REBMs – plus much more.

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Who should attend?

  • Business and industry professionals who are interested in exploring resource efficient business models – no matter what stage you have reached with your understanding of REBMs:
    • If you are curious about REBMs then join us to discover more about the range of options available.
    • If you are ready to kick-start your own REBM development you can learn from the experiences of the REBus pilots and talk to experts about taking that first step.
    • If you are already implementing your own REBM, or if your REBM has stalled, join us to hear the latest thinking, explore REBMs in more depth and find new solutions.
  • People from different disciplines within businesses and organisations – implementing REBMs involve skills from a wide range of disciplines so we would encourage anyone with an interest in REBMs to take part in our events e.g. marketing, operations, finance etc.
  • Market and policy influencers – Industry and policy professionals who want to take positive action to help enable businesses and procurers to become more circular by breaking down barriers to success.