REBus is a 4.5 year project and will run from July 2013 until December 2017.

The website will be live for a further five years from December 2017.

We are delighted to confirm that REBus has been extended by one year by Life+ to enable the team to share the wealth of REBus insights and outcomes with a wider audience across the UK, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This means that the project will now finish at the end of December 2017.


Timeline 1 Kick off

  • Scoping the project delivery, measuring and dissemination.
Timeline 2 Implementation

  • Pilot projectsRecruited businesses and organisations will test the methodology for implementing resource efficient business models (REBMs) with the support of REBus delivery partners.
  • Metrics – deliver a methodology for measuring the impact of REBMs.
  • Policy – scope the potential barriers and resolutions to policy implications for REBMs.
  • Dissemination – develop a plan and tools to share the progress and learning from the REBus project across Europe.
Timeline 3 Recruiting

  • Recruit SME’s, large businesses and public bodies to pilot REBMS for the supply of products and circular procurement in the UK and NL.
Timeline 4 Findings

  • Disseminate and share the learning from the REBus pilot projects across Europe.
  • Publish Layman’s report.
Dec 2017 onwards Legacy

  • The REBus website will remain live for at least five years.
  • REBus partners will continue to champion REBMs through their ongoing work, using the lessons learnt from REBus.


Long term vision:

REBMs become ‘business as usual’