Supply REBMs process




By the end of this stage you will have:

  • Successfully completed a roll-out of your business model, following improvements made after the pilot stage.

How to guide

Step One

Scope and develop the roll-out of your business model with your multi-skilled project team, based on the pilot stage results.

Remember to scope challenges, opportunities and risks with your team. Also remember to fully involve the marketing and customer propositions teams to ensure your new product or service has the best chance of reaching your market and becomes a success.

Step Two

Implement your roll-out programme following the agreed project plan. For large organisations the business model may become part of ‘business as usual’. A handover may be required to the relevant team.

Step Three

Review your roll-out on an ongoing basis against financial and resource metrics. It’s advisable to plan regular roll-out review meetings with your project team.

Further updates to the business model and review of customer sales behaviour may be required.