Case studies from REBus pilots

Showcasing the lessons learnt from their REBMs journey

UK REBus pilot projects: Suppliers of products and services

Alexandra Wood Bespoke Tailoring – offers ‘Savile Row’ quality suit hire.
Argos – has rolled out its Gadget Trade-in service.
Globechain – develops its online re-use platform for redundant commercial items.
iPower – launches its energy efficient Fuel Cell Micro CHP product as a service system.
IT4Kids – helps schools raise funds through re-use of domestic IT equipment.
Premier Workplace Services – sends redundant commercial IT items for repair and re-use.
Rentez-Vous – offers women an unlimited wardrobe through hiring clothing.
SAVORTEX – develops energy-saving smart hand dryers.
UniGreenScheme – offers universities a re-use service for redundant equipment.
Tala Energy – creates and retails affordable, aesthetic and efficient filament and spot LED lights.
riversimple – provides innovative service contracts for it’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.
Happus provides affordable computing equipment and internet services to lower-income households.

NL REBus pilot projects: Circular procurement

ProRail – goes circular with office furnishings.
DRZ – Governing for ICT re-use
Dura Vermeer, TBI Croon & Alliander – Construction circular workwear
Ministry of Defence – Defending collection, sorting & circular procurement


Watch this space

More REBus case studies will be added when the projects reach the Roll-out stage (Suppliers) or Tender award stage (Circular procurement).