Supply REBMs process




By the end of this stage you will have:

  • Reviewed the performance of your business model during a pilot.

How to guide

Step One

Design, scope and roll-out a pilot to test your chosen business model.

Ensure you have included how you will communicate your new product or service to your sample customers to generate sufficient data from which to fully analyse the results of your pilot. You will also need to ensure that staff involved in the pilot have been fully trained so that the pilot tests the new product or service under the best possible conditions.

Step Two

Review the performance of the business model against the assumptions and forecast of the business case. Keep the project sponsor informed of the pilot’s results.

Step Three

Any differences should be investigated and options considered for either changing the pilot or updating the financial model with revised/additional sensitivities and/or assumptions.

Step Four

Analyse the impact of any changes on the potential scale up of your pilot. This is particularly important where the change may require a revised business case for additional investment. Include a marketing and communications budget at this point.

Step Five

Conduct a survey of customers who have made use of the pilot product/service, as well as those that did not, to further develop the opportunity. Start to develop the innovation phase for your next business model.

Step Six

Present the progress of your business model’s performance during the pilot to your company sponsor throughout each vital stage. The decision will likely be made at this at this point whether to progress to roll-out.