REBus Newsletter: December 2017 

Take a look back at the REBus project and the lessons learnt from our pilot projects. Read what the next steps are for the REBus partners and take a look at our recent publications.

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Press release: Innovative business pilots provide snapshot of what could be achieved on a large scale

The potential of adopting innovative business models on a large scale has been highlighted by the latest series of case studies from REBus, published today.

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REBus Newsletter: July 2017

Read about:

  • Feature: WRAP’s new report – Switched on to value: Powering business change
  • More lessons from our pilot projects including Oxfam and MUJO
  • Announcements and inspiration
  • Dates for your diaries

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REBus Newsletter: April 2017

Read about:

  • Feature: REBus policy reports
  • More lessons from our pilot projects
  • Keeping up to date: publications and inspiration

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Press release: Innovative business pilots show the way for the future

Pioneering REBus pilot projects show that innovative business models are the way forward if we are to achieve a sustainable circular economy.

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The new business as usual: Embedding innovative models webinar

Watch the recording of this REBus #ThinkDIF webinar online – webinar took place on 16 November at 1400.

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Resource efficient business models: Getting started webinar

Watch the recording of this REBus #ThinkDIF webinar online – webinar took place on 10 November at 1400.

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NL Lessons learnt – Exploring the circular economy in the concrete sector

This report shares the lessons learnt from two Dutch REBus case studies: ‘Replacement of 50 locks between 2020 and 2040’ and ‘Resource-efficient procurement of infrastructural concrete products by Dutch municipalities’.

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REBus event – book your place

REBus celebration of resource efficient business models
21 November, 1VS in London

Join us at an event celebrating resource efficient business models. Our experts have been working with industry to develop, pilot and champion resource efficient business models which embrace the opportunities presented by the circular economy.

Part of the #ThinkDif series of events and hosted by KTN

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REBus Newsletter: September 2016

Read about:

  • Feature: REBus insights
  • Lessons from our pilot projects
  • Keeping up to date: publications and inspiration
  • Online resources

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Register for the Celebrations of REBMs event
– 21 November 2016, London

REBus NL Pilot – New clothes from old

Can used clothing be ‘dematerialised’ successfully back into its component materials – and then be used to create more clothing? Dutch waterways, public works and environment authority Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) is coming to the end of a unique pilot project, with some of its outdoor staff wearing recyclable uniforms.

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Learning from UK REBus pilot projects:

Getting started – converting circular ideas into action
In the first of two blogs, Greg Lucas, Technical Specialist with WRAP, shares his insight from working with REBus pilot projects in the UK. He shares tips and guidance on how to get your circular ideas off the ground.

Read Getting started

Crossing the finish line – building a world class REBM proposition
In the second blog, Greg shares insights and lessons learnt from REBus pilot projects that have moved through the final stages of their REBM development. They have learnt how to gain senior level approval to move their ideas through the pilot stage and into roll-out.

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Electronics Goes Green 2016+ 7 – 9 September, Berlin

Join us in Berlin to hear Malcolm Waddell, Programme Manager at WRAP, present the latest thinking from EU LIFE funded projects REBus and CRM Closed Loop Recovery at EGG 2016:

  • 7 September 2016: Business Models – Innovative value creation (Session D3)
  • 8 September 2016: Critical Raw Materials Closed Loop Recovery (Session B5)

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Reflections from the event

REBus pilot ProRail: Lessons learnt

ProRail, a railway infrastructure management company, furnished their new offices with ‘circular’ flooring and furniture. REBus partner RWS has published the lessons learnt from ProRail’s experience of implementing circular procurement.

Read more: Full report – Lessons learnt through ProRail
Read more: summary report – Lessons learnt through ProRail

REBus Newsletter: May 2016

Read about:

  • A Helping Hand for REBM’s
  • Feature: Circular Procurement Congress
  • Lessons from our pilot projects
  • Partner profiles: The University of Northampton

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Blog: A moment of change

A few years ago I was working preparing a theme for a weekend working on breakthroughs for the circular economy. Our theme was procurement, because back then we had the feeling that procurement was a key process in stimulating a circular economy. I didn’t know it then, but it was one of those moments of change.

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Event review: Congress on Circular Procurement, April 2016

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment proudly hosted the first International Congress on Circular Procurement in Amsterdam on 20-22 April 2016. Co-organised by REBus, 120 international experts attended the Congress. Examples of circular procurement were shared and how procurement could be used as a powerful tool to help deliver a circular economy.

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Watch Circular Procurement Congress video summary

Blog: Progress on the Dutch pilots in the ICT sector

RWS has been engaged in a project to explore more sustainable ways to deal with data containing ICT hardware of the national government. The first pilot, involving about 8,000 hardware items, has shown that data wiping and resale is possible for about 33% of this batch. In a second pilot, we aim to increase this percentage.

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Article: NL REBus – first lessons learnt

Cuno van Geet, Rijkswaterstaat, said ‘The lessons from the participating projects should provide us with insight into the drivers behind developing successful REBMs, the impact they have on cost and on the environment, and how to identify barriers that need to be challenged in order to implement circular procurement on a larger scale.’

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Event: The Next Step Circular Procurement Congress

The Circular Procurement Congress is on 20-22 April 2016 in Amsterdam. The Congress will provide a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments and the future direction for circular procurement. This event is now fully booked due to an unexpected high number of registrations. REBus, a co-organising partner, will present at this event.

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REBus Newsletter: November 2015

Read about:

  • A Helping Hand for REBM’s
  • Circular Horizons 2016/17 Brokerage Event
  • Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable
  • Partner profile: the Aldersgate Group

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Online event: REBMs – Are they really ‘disruptive’?

Join us for a live session on Friday 20 November 2015 at 12:00 GMT to help you kick start your resource efficient business model journey. You can watch the session live through a link on the DIF website. You will also be able to ask questions using the comments at the bottom of the DIF page or via twitter @REBuslife #REBMs.

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Event review: Circular Horizons 2016/17, 10 September 2015

This European brokerage event, saw 94 UK and EU delegates gather in London to explore the 2016/17 funding opportunities for circular economy projects in Horizon2020 and to build new collaborations. Attendees heard from the LIFE Programme and Societal Challenge 5 on the funding opportunities available, as well as case studies from EU LIFE+ project REBus.

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REBus Newsletter: July 2015

Read about:

  • REBus Pilots
  • Scottish Institute for Remanufacture
  • Partner Profile: KTN
  • Employment and Circular Economy

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REBus Case study: Argos launches Gadget Trade-in service

We’re delighted to share our first REBus UK pilot case study – Argos: Gadget Trade-in.
Working in partnership with WRAP, major UK retailer Argos has rolled out an innovative new Gadget Trade-in service in over 750 stores across the UK.

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Event: Circular Horizons 2016/17 – Save the date

Join us on 10 September 2015 in London for this European Business Brokerage event for Horizon 2020 funding supported by REBus. The funding is for resource efficient business models and the circular economy projects.

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REBus Case study: ProRail goes circular with office furnishings

In June 2015, Dutch rail infrastructure management company ProRail1 opened its new office in Utrecht with carpets and furniture procured based on principles of the circular economy.

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Read more – Dutch

Blog: Resource resilience and a prosperous economy

On 3rd March 2015, the Aldersgate Group hosted a parliamentary event in conjunction with its work on project REBus. The Aldersgate Group Director, Steve Wallace reflects on day’s discussions.

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Article: Dutch government cites REBus as frontrunner network in circular economy

Extract: ‘There are quite some knowledge networks on circular economy issues. The most prominent networks in the Netherlands and Europe are CE100, Circle Economy, CSR Netherlands and Plan C. SuMMA provides support in material management and REBus exchanges knowledge on projects.’

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Article: Resource efficiency – What the Government must do

The next UK Government will need to make a number of significant fiscal and regulatory reforms in order to accelerate the UK’s transition to a circular – and therefore more prosperous – economy. Based on a report by the Aldersgate Group.

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Report: Seven steps towards a resource efficient economy

A major new report from the Aldersgate Group sets out a series of policy recommendations that could help deliver a more resource-efficient and resilient economy.

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REBus Newsletter: January 2015

Read about:

  • Call for SMEs
  • Financing the transition to circularity
  • Partner Profile: WRAP
  • Consumer research on Resource Efficient Business Models

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Blog: Financing the transition to circularity

On 1st October 2014, the Aldersgate Group hosted a workshop to explore the challenges in financing the transition to the circular economy and more resource efficient business models. Aldersgate Group Director, Steve Wallace reflects on the outcomes of the round table discussion.

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Video: Introduction to the REBus Project

Take a look at our latest published video which gives an overview of the REBus Project and how we support UK SMEs.

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